Use the Popular Oxiracetam to Enhance Your Mental Performance and Alertness

The origin of the word Oxiracetam is from the Greek language where it means mind turning and that is exactly the effect that this drug has. It is a water-soluble nootropic drug, which alters the neurotransmitters in the brain and it makes the brain cells work faster and better. It improves the overall health of the brain cells and is able to help in reversing the damages caused due to aging.


Its Effects within The Body:

Oxiracetam, as claimed by its users, brings about clarity of thought and makes complex mathematical, logical and analytical thinking easier. Before you also start using it to improve your brains performance, it is best to understand how it actually works.

Oxiracetam alters the levels of 2 neurotransmitters in the body, Acetylcholine and Glutamate. Both these neurotransmitters are very important for different brain functioning. Improvement of the level of these in the brain makes the brain work faster and better. While for some people this change in levels makes a vast difference in how their brain works but for others it is not even a noticeable change. That is because everybody is made differently. As a result, the effects of Oxiracetam differ from individual to individual.

Oxiracetam also affects the central nervous system in a positive way by increasing the stimulation effect. This in turn makes the individual more alert and focused.


Cognitive Enhanced Caused Due to Oxiracetam:

The changes that you will feel on using Oxiracetam can be really marked and can bring about a complete change in the way you think, decide, act and feel. Some of the changes that you would notice are:

  • It enhances the effects of sensory organs by improving our sense of sound, smell etc. People who have used Oxiracetam can become more receptive to sound and identify finer nuances in music.
  • It greatly aids in the learning process and is therefore used very frequently by students who study complex analytical subjects like mathematics. It makes that part of the brain function better that is related to analytical thinking.
  • It clears the brain fog and brings about a complete clarity of thought process.
  • It enhances the formation and retrieval of memory process. The storage capacity of the brain for memory increases and as a result the users are able to store even finer details that can then be easily recovered.
  • It improves the cognitive functioning of the brain and makes the user more focused. It also helps in improving the concentration power, another benefit that is much liked by students.
  • It keeps the mind alert for longer duration of time.
  • It is also helpful in controlling mood swings and remove sign of depression.

Oxiracetam is not just another very popular racetam that is unnecessarily getting popularity, but its effects truly justify its popularity. For enhanced cognitive functioning, try stacking it with other nootropic drugs.


Oxiracetam Is Proving To Be A Great Nootropic Drug for Enhanced Brain Functioning

Although many Racetam drugs have an improved effect on cognitive functioning of the brain but none is as potent as Oxiracetam. As a result this smart drug is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who take supplements to improve their brain functioning.

Oxiracetam has been designed as an improvement to its predecessor, Piracetam. The one major difference between these two is that Oxiracetam is soluble in water while the latter is not. This makes it so much easier to consume it as it can be taken with your daily glass of juice or simply dissolved in water.


Benefits of Oxiracetam: Some of the top benefits of taking Oxiracetam are listed below:

  • The most important benefit of this drug that makes it so popular is that it helps to improve the learning capacity.
  • When taken in the right dosage it improves the cognitive speed of the brain.
  • People who perform abstract and complicated technical calculations find this drug very helpful.
  • It improves the logical reasoning ability and also the fluid intelligence.
  • It helps in formation of memory and also in faster memory recall.
  • It helps to improve focus and concentration power.
  • It also improves the alertness of the mind.
  • It is also known to reverse the harmful effects caused to the brain cells due to excessive use of alcohol over a long period of time.

All these effects that Oxiracetam capsules are able to create is because of its ability to increase the oxygen supply to the brain by increasing the blood flow. This leads to an increased capacity of cognitive functioning of the brain. ATP or the energy used by the neurons is obtained from the oxygen and glucose supply to the brain that is carried by the blood. As the energy in the brain cells increase, users feel a surge of energy and alertness.


Best Way to Take Oxiracetam: It is best to use Oxiracetam in a stack with other nootropic supplements. When stacked with other Racetam products, like Noopept or Piracetam it enhances the effect many folds. If you are looking for more added benefits like a mood enhancement, you can stack it with Aniracetam. It is always best to add a choline supplement to your stack.

Oxiracetam is available in both powder and capsule form. Although the capsules are more expensive than the powder, it is also more convenient. When consumed in the powder form, it is important to measure it out carefully every time to avoid overdose.

For all first time users, it is best to start at a low dosage and then increase it gradually depending on how your body handles it. Take a planned stack of Oxiracetam and see the changes that it has on your brain functioning.

Stacking Oxiracetam and Aniracetam for Concentration, Memory And Learning

Both Oxiracetam and Aniracetam belong to racetam family with equivalent potency level, but their mechanism of action and its effect is quite unlike. Aniracetam functions to enhance memory and mood, while Oxiracetam primarily works on intellect. Therefore, blending the two drugs makes sense to attain enhanced recall, mood and mental power. Instead of using them alone, you can magnify their effects by stacking them together.


Use of racetam stack

Stacking nootropic drugs results in amplifying the synergy level of individual drug. Racetam nootropics mechanism of action is still unclear but it is believed to enhance cognitive abilities. This is achieved by stimulating various neural receptors and neurotransmitters. Every racetam differs and combining two of them help to increase the benefits of the other. For example, some racetams need to be taken frequently, so stacking it with a particular nootropic can help to increase the time length of its activeness on the brain before users need more.

Oxiracetam versus Aniracetam

Aniracetam is preferred for its capability to decrease anxiety. Scientifically speaking, when dopamine and serotonin are imbalanced the consequence is anxiety and mood disorder. Scientists think that Aniracetam stimulates the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine that enhances your frame of mind.

It is fat-soluble, so must be consumed with your meals. It acts rapidly with half-life less than 2 hours, so the peak benefits after taking can be felt between two and four hours. It perks up learning capacity and mood, but does not affect concentration seen in other racetam nootropics.

Oxiracetam is firmly a cognitive nootropic. There are no side effects, but it provides a psycho-stimulant effect. Memory and concentration is boosted, enhances technical ability and it augments sensory perception. Users reported that Oxiracetam had dramatically enhanced their logical thinking, methodical processing as well as their capacity to understand the difficult scientific and mathematical concepts. Oxiracetam works even stronger with Aniracetam.


Benefits of stacking Aniracetam and Oxiracetam

The potency and effects of each nootropic is greater in presence of another, so use lower dosages of each drug for stacking. For study sessions, Aniracetam helps to recall accurate information while Oxiracetam enhances clarity and concentration.


Basically, Oxiracetam and Aniracetam are stacked in similar dose ratios like 1:1. Most users take 750 to 1500 mg/day. Aniracetam has short life and works well, if small dosages are taken more frequently. Users split this drug dosage into three equal dosages per day, while Oxiracetam is taken in 2 equal doses in a day.

To avoid its benefits overtime cycle your regimen like one week on and two week off cycle. Stacking is a good approach to experience a wide range of benefits at high level.

Oxiracetam Is Powerful and Well Tolerated

Oxiracetam is another member of nootropics racetam family. It has proved to have different cognitive benefits just like its related supplements. However, it is deemed more powerful than Piracetam. This means, you just have to use short dosage of Oxiracetam for optimistic results.

How Oxiracetam works?

Oxiracetam influences the cholinergic system and acetylcholine receptors. It also stimulates the NDMA and AMPA receptors. Due to its strong influence on the acetycholine receptors, you should be certain that your body has adequate choline to meet up the escalated demand. Otherwise, you can probably experience headaches.


Research results

The supplement does not display the same anxiety reducing effects like Aniracetam nor does it affect the serotonin or dopamine receptors. In a study on rats with and without learning disabilities, it was displayed that the ones having learning abilities displayed considerable enhancement in spatial abilities after taking Oxiracetam but no enhancement was seen in motor skills. The result indicates that Oxiracetam can be helpful to people having learning disabilities.

Benefits of Oxiracetam supplement

  • Enhances memory retention and recall
  • Improves learning capacity
  • Develops technical ability
  • Heightens sensory perceptions
  • Increases attention span and concentration

These are some common benefits of Oxiracetam (62613 -82-5) reported by users. The benefit level may differ. Some users may not experience the benefits listed at all or experience slightly. These users can increase their dosage of Oxiracetam or stack it with other racetam supplements to enhance its effect.

Stacking of Oxiracetam

Many users use other nootropics to stack Oxiracetam doses. The most common one used in Oxiracetam stack is Choline, Aniracetam and Piracetam. This stack is very powerful and cost-effective. You can eliminate Choline from the stack and get strong results, but suffer from headache due to extra demand for acetycholine in the brain. Adding choline supplement can solve this issue. Stacking Oxiracetam with Noopept and Pramiracetam is less common but can provide great results.


Tolerance and Overdose symptoms

Overindulgence symptoms are restricted to fatigue or headaches similar to Choline deficiency. The tolerance level differs from one person to another. New users are recommended to start with low dosages and find out how their body reacts.

Common side effects include –

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea & gastro-intestinal discomfort
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability

It is safe to use with mild side effects. However, using Oxiracetam with some vigilance is recommended and to reduce the meek side effects use small doses. Consult your physician before applying Oxiracetam, especially when you are on medicines.

Your Answer to the Most Perfect Brain Enhancer – Stack Noopept with Piracetam

Noopept is the strongest Nootropic available with brain enhancing capability that is strikingly significant in improving various brain functions. It can improve retention and recollect memory and also hone consciousness and focus. Increased neural action and cognition is achieved by using Noopept, and hence there is improved cognitive functions and retention.

Noopept is very powerful and effective, but to get better results, it can be taken with other Nootropics. Brain power will be increased to a greater extent by stacking other supplements with Noopept by way of multiple mechanisms.

The initiative of stacking was deployed by sports persons and body builders for synergistic effect to achieve better results. Stacking various supplements will strengthen certain effects, and so it was used in competitions by athletics and body builders to better their performance. Now it is used in cognitive boosters for better results in studies, and increased productivity and creativity.


Though it is exceptionally beneficial without any stacking, the most effective noopept stacks would be using with Piracetam and a source of choline, because of their working.

Stacking for intensity

It is possible to intensify the results by using Noopept with other nootropic drugs. What would be the finest stack for maximum result?

You need to take into consideration various factors like;

  • How they work together
  • To avoid side effects
  • Increase tolerance

Noopept Powder is 1000 times stronger than its original Piracetam, and so it is used rarely. If you are taking Nootropics for the first time, it is advisable to use it alone to determine its consequences.

It has many advantages taken alone like improving mood swing, increase long and short term memory and enhanced ability to focus and learn. It can also protect your brain from damages caused by environmental toxins and cerebrovascular diseases. Studies have shown that it can help improve brain functions in degenerative disorders.


Noopept and Piracetam

Noopept stacked with Piracetam and choline can be beneficial because of its functioning. Piracetam works on acetylcholine and Noopept on glutamate in the brain and, thus there is a balance in the function of brain and it could enhance the effect. Also choline will add as a booster for acetycholine and it can reduce the headache sometimes caused by Piracetam.

This can be the best combination for a finer result in improving your overall performance physically and mentally.

Stay on Proposed Dose of Noopept to Avoid Headaches and Other Adverse consequences

Nootropic drug, Noopept is a potential supplement. It is an excellent brain booster with anxiolytic effect, and it is a mild phychostimulant. It is effective in improving memory, learning and concentration, and has both long term and short term gains.

Main question while taking this supplement is ‘Is there any side effects?’ or is it safe to take Noopept without any undesirable consequences that may lead to other health complications. Generally, Nootropics are safe to use and not very toxic, and it applies to Noopept.

Noopept does not have side effects and are safe than most of Nootropics. However, in some cases it may cause headaches, sleep disturbances, and nausea when they continue with the drug or take dosage higher than recommended.


How to prevent side effects

Noopept has good tolerance in human body and great absorption power with numerous advantages for cognitive utilities and degeneration in the central nervous system due to some acute diseases like stroke or trauma.

Nootropics from racetam group, in some cases, cause side effects like headaches, and Noopept belongs to this group. Headaches are due to increase in demand for neurotransmitter acetylcholine while on these nootropics, but the Noopept influences glutamate, which is another neurotransmitter, more than acetylcholine, and so does not normally cause headaches. Because of its high absorption capacity, it does not cause gastrointestinal problems.

Effects of higher dosage

If you use more than the proposed dose, the body may not absorb it entirely, and this overload may cause some headache and nausea, and in some cases gastric problems. When these problems occur, reducing the dose can alleviate it.


Effects with other drugs

When you are under any other medication or while using any other supplements, it is sensible to consult a physician before starting Nootropics, because it may cause discomfort or irritation in some cases due to reaction of chemicals.

Safe usage

Study has shown that it is well accepted in human body with minor side-effects compared to any other nootropics. It is an amazing and potent drug and, ideally lower dosage will suffice to generate better result. Beginners should start with 5 to 10 mg two times a day, and later move on to 10 mg thrice a day.

If you are cautious, you can use Noopept without having any adverse effect and get the benefits of this wonder drug.

Noopept or Pramiracetam – Choose the Nootropics to Meet your Requirement

Nootropics are supplements that are used to enhance cognitive capacity. They are fabulous supplements that can improve your life at work and learning. It is beneficial for your brain and it is absolutely non-toxic.

The two most popular nootropics are Noopept and Pramiracetam and they are extensively used by people to improve memory, concentration and other brain functions like learning and creativity. Research has proved their ability to improve brain functions and so, it has become quite popular with students and people looking for more energy and focus.

Which one would you choose – Noopept or pramiracetam. Deciding between these two nootropics is not an easy task because both are potentially effective cognitive supplements and the choice depends on your specific requisite.


Efficiency of Noopept

It is considered the most powerful nootropic belonging to racetam group and is potentially 1000 times better any other nootropic. It has the potential to

  • Develop memory in impaired persons
  • Increases Nerve growth and brain development factors
  • Reduce fatigue and anxiety
  • Improve sleep and temper
  • Major anti-oxidant effects
  • Reduce depression

Noopept optimizes many cognitive processes by working on glutamate and acetylcholine in the brain. This will give clarity of thoughts due to reduced brain fog and mental energy is increased. When used daily, attention and focus are increased. Left and right sides of the brain are connected better, and this will enhance the creativity in a person. Solving problems and ability to speak better can be achieved by taking Noopept.

Researchers are trying to find a way to use Noopept in helping patients with Alzheimer and ADHD.


Efficiency of Pramiracetam

One of the purest nootropics, Pramiracetam is extremely safe and is endured by most. It belongs to racetam family and it can improve memory and cognition. This nootropic is called IQ booster because of its cognitive capabilities. It improves learning and memory, and also enhances logical thinking and analytical skills. People find new ideas due to creative thinking, while using Pramiracetam.


Daily Split dosage of 30mg to 60 mg spread over the day is ideal for Noopept and 200mg to 400 mg for Pramiracetam. Splitting the dose is significant due to the short half-lives of these drugs compared to any other Nootropic.

Both the nootropics are very efficient, but used for different results, and you can choose the one, which is perfect for your specific need.