Fundamental Research Paramount for Safe Usage of Brain Enhancer Noopept

If you want to improve your memory and enhance your learning capacity, Noopept can be the best choice. Noopept powder is an excellent Nootropic with no side effects and hence it is quite safe. It has also innumerable other benefits to enhance your cognitive abilities.

Noopept is a supplement that was deployed first in Russia in 1995 and it belongs to Racetam family. The name was derived from Greek language meaning turn the mind. It is called smart drug because of its potent ability to work on your brain to improve various functions and it is 1000 times stronger than other supplements.


There are various studies conducted on this supplement on rodents, and even on humans, and obtained positive results on brain and memory functioning. Click here for additional research on the Noopept powder so that you can learn more about this supplement and its innumerable possibilities as brain enhancer.

Capabilities of Noopept

It is a neuroprotective drug and a great memory booster. It can penetrate the barrier between blood and the brain working on Glutamate in the brain. A peptide without any qualities of peptide, it has high absorption capacity and research have shown it can be of help in curing Alzheimer’s disease and other cases of cognitive injuries caused by cerebrovascular deficiencies.

A study has shown that this supplement stimulates Nerve Growth Factor and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (NGF and BDNF), which are proteins essential for growth and expansion of neurons, but with a lower dosage.

An improved memory was noticed with 20 mg dosage on persons with cerebral dearth caused by trauma and cerebrovascular diseases. Another study with Noopept has proved an improved learning activity after 24 hours of administering the drug. For maximum effect, an hour prior to learning is the perfect time to use the supplement.

Study on human for over 56 days have established the efficiency of Noopept to improve mood and better sleep, and decreases exhaustion, bad temper and nervousness. It has better neuroprotective effect and anti-oxidant properties, and this can be useful in treating mental retardation and neurodegenerative diseases.


Uses of Noopept

Major uses of Noopept as supplement are as given below:

  • Learning and memory enhancer
  • Language skill and speech improvement
  • Better physical energy and alertness
  • Clarity of mind and controlled mood swing
  • Quick reflexes and perception
  • Good sleep

Though this drug is available without doctor’s prescription, it is safe to consult a physician before usage, especially if you are under other medication, and to ascertain the dosage.


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