Oxiracetam Is Proving To Be A Great Nootropic Drug for Enhanced Brain Functioning

Although many Racetam drugs have an improved effect on cognitive functioning of the brain but none is as potent as Oxiracetam. As a result this smart drug is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who take supplements to improve their brain functioning.

Oxiracetam has been designed as an improvement to its predecessor, Piracetam. The one major difference between these two is that Oxiracetam is soluble in water while the latter is not. This makes it so much easier to consume it as it can be taken with your daily glass of juice or simply dissolved in water.


Benefits of Oxiracetam: Some of the top benefits of taking Oxiracetam are listed below:

  • The most important benefit of this drug that makes it so popular is that it helps to improve the learning capacity.
  • When taken in the right dosage it improves the cognitive speed of the brain.
  • People who perform abstract and complicated technical calculations find this drug very helpful.
  • It improves the logical reasoning ability and also the fluid intelligence.
  • It helps in formation of memory and also in faster memory recall.
  • It helps to improve focus and concentration power.
  • It also improves the alertness of the mind.
  • It is also known to reverse the harmful effects caused to the brain cells due to excessive use of alcohol over a long period of time.

All these effects that Oxiracetam capsules are able to create is because of its ability to increase the oxygen supply to the brain by increasing the blood flow. This leads to an increased capacity of cognitive functioning of the brain. ATP or the energy used by the neurons is obtained from the oxygen and glucose supply to the brain that is carried by the blood. As the energy in the brain cells increase, users feel a surge of energy and alertness.


Best Way to Take Oxiracetam: It is best to use Oxiracetam in a stack with other nootropic supplements. When stacked with other Racetam products, like Noopept or Piracetam it enhances the effect many folds. If you are looking for more added benefits like a mood enhancement, you can stack it with Aniracetam. It is always best to add a choline supplement to your stack.

Oxiracetam is available in both powder and capsule form. Although the capsules are more expensive than the powder, it is also more convenient. When consumed in the powder form, it is important to measure it out carefully every time to avoid overdose.

For all first time users, it is best to start at a low dosage and then increase it gradually depending on how your body handles it. Take a planned stack of Oxiracetam and see the changes that it has on your brain functioning.


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