Noopept or Pramiracetam – Choose the Nootropics to Meet your Requirement

Nootropics are supplements that are used to enhance cognitive capacity. They are fabulous supplements that can improve your life at work and learning. It is beneficial for your brain and it is absolutely non-toxic.

The two most popular nootropics are Noopept and Pramiracetam and they are extensively used by people to improve memory, concentration and other brain functions like learning and creativity. Research has proved their ability to improve brain functions and so, it has become quite popular with students and people looking for more energy and focus.

Which one would you choose – Noopept or pramiracetam. Deciding between these two nootropics is not an easy task because both are potentially effective cognitive supplements and the choice depends on your specific requisite.


Efficiency of Noopept

It is considered the most powerful nootropic belonging to racetam group and is potentially 1000 times better any other nootropic. It has the potential to

  • Develop memory in impaired persons
  • Increases Nerve growth and brain development factors
  • Reduce fatigue and anxiety
  • Improve sleep and temper
  • Major anti-oxidant effects
  • Reduce depression

Noopept optimizes many cognitive processes by working on glutamate and acetylcholine in the brain. This will give clarity of thoughts due to reduced brain fog and mental energy is increased. When used daily, attention and focus are increased. Left and right sides of the brain are connected better, and this will enhance the creativity in a person. Solving problems and ability to speak better can be achieved by taking Noopept.

Researchers are trying to find a way to use Noopept in helping patients with Alzheimer and ADHD.


Efficiency of Pramiracetam

One of the purest nootropics, Pramiracetam is extremely safe and is endured by most. It belongs to racetam family and it can improve memory and cognition. This nootropic is called IQ booster because of its cognitive capabilities. It improves learning and memory, and also enhances logical thinking and analytical skills. People find new ideas due to creative thinking, while using Pramiracetam.


Daily Split dosage of 30mg to 60 mg spread over the day is ideal for Noopept and 200mg to 400 mg for Pramiracetam. Splitting the dose is significant due to the short half-lives of these drugs compared to any other Nootropic.

Both the nootropics are very efficient, but used for different results, and you can choose the one, which is perfect for your specific need.